Tec3GEO is a technology company with activities in the environmental field , specializing in the characterization studies , monitoring and recovery of contaminated areas . The term " 3GEO " refers to the disciplines of geology, geophysics and geochemistry used in these studies . In research projects funded by FAPESP and CNPq, their associated requested a patent with INPI that, will be developed as Business Plan presented to CIETEC by Tec3GEO.

A product line is being developed for multi-level water and gas in contaminated areas, environmental studies and agriculture. Our products are suitable for the characterization of contamination at petrol stations, landfills and contamination plumes.

Another prodct with patent required is about a procedure for induction of biodegradation in areas contaminated devices that act as microbial fuel cells (MFC-Microbial Fuel Cell) areas. This technology allows the monitoring of biodegradation (it measures a signal that depends on the oxidation of the environment). The procedure can be applied to primary deposits (waste dumps), or in the form of reactive barriers intersecting contamination plumes. Contact for further information.