Drilling cost reduction

For each level of the monitoring wells, reducing the number of wells to be drilled.

Minor purge volume

The collection and analysis of water in soil and rock pores is fundamental in the characterization of an area with suspected contamination.

In Tec3geo devices, the pore fluid is sampled with a automate system.

The extraction and storage of the samples takes place in closed circuit, preserving the original conditions of the sample.

The operator's exposure to noxious substances is minimal because the material is transferred in a closed loop, from collection to bottling.

Due to the reduced diameter of the sampling tube (2.5mm) the purge volume does not exceed 60mL at the deepest sampling levels (30 or 50m), which reduces the volume of waste and the interference between sampling points.

Possibility of Gas Sampling

Sensors for gas analysis can be installed directly at the sampling terminations to determine the gaseous composition in waste landfills, the vertical variation of the biogas composition in areas with methane and volatile organic compounds emanating in areas contaminated by oil spills or of fuels (gas stations, for example)

Samples can be packed in sealed containers and sent for laboratory analysis by sampling in a closed loop, without contact with air.